Experts Meet at the Marsh Outlet for a Site Evaluation

On March 21st, 2017, town Conservation Commission member Les Hyde, Jonathan Coggershall and Ryan LeShane hosted a group of people interested in viewing the outlet site and helping the town evaluate the 8th grade recommendations and determine the next steps.  Present were specialists from The Nature Conservancy, Jordan Environmental Engineering, The Maine Coastal Program,  and the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

Our recommendation to create a series of pools for the resting and gathering of fish as they migrate into the marsh was agreed with by all. “It was felt that this could be accomplished by arranging rocks and gravel so as to create a natural streambed featuring a series of weirs from the upstream side of the culvert up to the marsh. It was agreed that the goal was stream habitat restoration. Both smelt and alewife habitat restoration should be part of the plan as the culvert’s gravel bottom and streambed up to the marsh outlet are prime smelt habitat.”  (Conservation Commission Minutes, March 21, 2017)

This is exciting!